What is Special in Special Education from the Inclusive Perspective?

  • Juliene Madureira Ferreira University of Tampere
  • Marita Mäkinen University of Tampere
Keywords: Human Development, Educational Inclusion, Special Education, Early Childhood Education


The article offers insights into the discussion of the terms ‘special’ and ‘inclusive’ applied as concepts to define educational inclusion. By analyzing three cases where a school’s routine was followed, it was possible to interpose discourse and practice to highlight how contradictions in educational practices are constituted in the micro level of classroom reality. Data were collected through interviews, video-recordings and school documents in two Early Childhood Education Schools in Brazil. Through a qualitative epistemology analysis, the key findings pointed to contradictions regarding the role of teachers towards the implementation of pedagogical practices and the special education support actions. We discuss the need of reconsideration of what is understood by special education system and argue that human development is the key to develop inclusive practices.


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Madureira Ferreira, J., & Mäkinen, M. (2017). What is Special in Special Education from the Inclusive Perspective?. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education, 9(1), 50-65. https://doi.org/10.20489/intjecse.330091