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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 16 2024 | None
The Global Context of Major Disasters- An analytical reading of the implications of the general situation, challenges and ways to cope -
Mohamed El Bachir AZEB, Dr. Foued BOUZAHZAH
Pages: 65-75
The reality of major disasters globally is witnessing a terrible development and an unprecedented escalation in terms of their nature, origin, changes, suddenness, scope, frequency, severity of their impact and aggravation of their catastrophic consequences. In fact, these violent phenomena have become a chronic issue that is troubling the international community, burdening it and putting it to the test by openly threatening its collective security and disrupting its development path, where the current situation cannot be postponed but rather requires urgency; and the imperative to remedy the situation before it is too late, by understanding the causes and identifying the vulnerabilities. Everyone is required to voluntarily engage in the development of a new roadmap that adopts agendas with concrete solutions and effective mechanisms for "preparedness, response, response and mitigation of undesirable effects", while intensifying consultation and coordination efforts, multifaceted cooperation and solidarity, and exchange of expertise, in order to create a strong and resilient structural environment that can overcome obstacles and achieve the desired goal.
Major disasters, Threats and challenges, Impacts and severe losses, Response and intervention, Recovery and reconstruction.