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Volume 15 2023 | None
Teachers' opinions regarding the effectiveness of homework and their intentions towards homework assignments at the secondary school level
Sara Abid, Dr. Shumaila Hameed, Dr. Fahd Naveed Kausar (
Pages: 247-266
The main goal of homework assignments is to improve the idea of learning outside of the classroom, promote healthy study habits, and prepare students for independent research. Find out how well the teacher, students, and parents communicate. Research the teachers' intentions about homework assignments and inform them of the value of well-planned homework. The study's main goal was to determine how secondary school instructors' usage of homework affected their students' academic achievement. The study used a survey method and was quantitative in character. All secondary school teachers (SSTs) in Kashmir's district of Kotli made up the study's population. 286 secondary school teachers from the district of Kotli made up the study's sample. The researcher created a questionnaire for the purpose of gathering data, and it featured questions about how successful giving assignments is. A preliminary investigation validated the instrument. Cronbach's alpha, a measure of dependability, was.776. To determine mean differences resulting from the effectiveness of their teacher's use of homework on the basis of their age groups, mean scores and standard deviation were determined. One-way analysis of variance (One-way ANOVA) and the t-test were then employed. The study's results showed that instructors' perceptions of the value of homework assignments made by their teachers differed significantly in a favourable way. Such as feedback, acknowledgement, performance, evaluation, working conditions, and authority delegation. Based on the findings, it is advised that the government hold frequent training sessions for school teachers on the effectiveness of homework through the Ministry of Education to give them the information and skills necessary for their managerial position. The policy of homework effectiveness needs to be implemented firmly. The instructor would be encouraged to improve their performance.
Effective Homework, homework assignments, secondary school,