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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 12 2020 | None
Role of Art in the Promotion of Green Practices
Pages: 272-280
Due to rising environmental concerns, promoting ecological change has expanded outside the purview of scientists. Culture and the arts have been shown to be a useful starting point for resolving contemporary environmental problems. In order to shed light on environmental injustice, bring attention to environmental instabilities and threats, and inspire people to envision more sustainable futures, artists have turned to their craft. Transdisciplinary learning is encouraged through the integration of the arts and environmental science, leading to fresh perspectives on possible future lifestyles. The focus of this research was on the interplay between the creative process, the final product, and the surrounding context. Interviews and focus groups were conducted with artists to learn more about their process and the environmental messages they hope to convey via their work. The purpose of this article is to offer some alternative perspectives on climate action and to present the brief comments of several artists.
art, environmental education, environmental awareness