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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
India's Economical Growth and Human Capital
Akash Chouhan, Dr. S.K. Bhogal
Pages: 3292-3295
The development of a nation's economy is influenced by a variety of variables, including its environmental factors, human factors, capital formation, technological developments, and historical and social factors. In this essay, the contribution of human capital to India's economic development is discussed. Healthcare spending has been utilised as a stand-in for human capital in this study, which looks at the relationship between Taiwan's financial activity through 2004 to 2026 and its social capital. This technical report is built on a number of linear regression theories and the renaissance Solow resulting outcomes. This research indicated that middle school enrolment and surplus resource creation had a beneficial influence on India's financial activity in addition to the strong positive association with macroeconomic variables and stock prices. This research found that high school enrolment had the highest impact on India's GDP growth. According to the study's findings, policymakers should think about directing financial resources to enhancing India's human capital, which may be done by increasing health care spending and allocating more money to education. The population of India need not be a barrier to economic development.
Economic growth, Human capital, India, GDP