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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Educating a girl with disability: challenge or concern
Shalu Devi, Dr. Subhash Chander
Pages: 2826-2832
Education could be used as a tool for the upward economic and social mobility of a person. It is fundamental for acquiring full human potential, developing aholistic society, and promoting national development. Providing universal access to quality education is key to India’s continued ascent, and leadership on the global level in terms of economic growth, social justice and equality, scientific advancement, national integration, and cultural preservation (NEP 2020). It has the potential to bring a desirable change in the society. Education also helps in bridging the gap between various sections of society (NCF 2005). If we talk about the marginalized section then it is like a weapon of equity and justice for them. Here we only focused upon one out of many marginalized sections of society i.e. girls with disability. Education helps in connecting the GWDs with rest of the society. They remain marginalized for a longer period of time reason being their gender and disability. They are doubly excluded because of these two factors. Studies have shown that this dual matrix make their status more vulnerable in the society. This study also trying to explore a nuanced picture of their social, academic and emotional issues at school level by giving special reference to Haryana. It also provide some of the possible suggestions to overcome these challenges within the education system.
Marginalization, Status, Potential, Challenges, Gender, Disability.