Volume 13 No 2 (2021): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education

Contemporary Najafi Poetry of (The Poet Ahmed Al-Dujaili and the Significance of the Place in his Poetry)

Dr. Muna Salah Hasan

DOI: 10.9756/INT-JECSE/V13I2.211113

Keywords: Poet, Aldujaili, Poetry.


The city of Najaf is an environment full of scholars, writers and poets, and this benevolent city has produced stallions of poets, including the poet Sheikh Ahmed Al-Dujaili (1924-1991 AD), whose poetic output I chose in his Diwan (palms) and the significance of the place in it is the subject of this research. Extrapolation of the historical, social and political context in which the poetic experience was born and its impact and influence on the place and an attempt to dismantle its connotations, structures and forms of presence in the text from the poet's relationship with the place and his artistic vision of it. The poets looked at the place with a creative view that transcends the material to reveal its emotional repercussions generated as a result of the active relationship between the poet and the place. And a place that enables him to determine the dimensions of his experience and give it the space in which it was formed. Recent critical studies have tended in recent years to study spatial structures in the narrative narratives, which have taken the place as a tool for dealing with and treating, and as a means of relying on literary works, whether those related to poetry or the novel. Skipping theorizing and defining the terms and definitions related to the place from a philosophical, linguistic and literary point of view, because I think that they do not enrich the research with anything, especially since many studies have preceded us in this field. The research consists of three axes, the first axis: talks about the life of the poet Ahmed Al-Dujaili, the second axis: the place between the poetic and the poet, and the third axis: the semantics of the place in his poetry, including: religious places, political places, scientific places, military places, and finally natural places, then the conclusion, the margins, the list of sources and from God Good luck and payment.




Volume 13 No 2 (2021): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education


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