Volume 14 No 2 (2022): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education

HRCT evaluation of chest in RT-PCR positive patients of COVID19

Dr.Gopidi Sai Nidhi Reddy,Dr.Bhushita Guru Lakhkar

DOI: 10.9756/INT-JECSE/V14I2.556



Background: Understanding the changes in the lung caused due to the novel corona virus that has been highly contagious and therebydiagnose accurately and plan therapy accordingly. Chest CT has a potential role in the diagnosis, detection of complications, and prognostication of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Implementation of appropriate precautionary safety measures, chest CT protocol optimization, and a standardized reporting system based on the pulmonary findings in this disease will enhance the clinical utility of chest CT. Objectives:In this study we aim to evaluate the patients with HRCT thoraxwho present withpositive RT-PCR COVID19 test,its typical radiological HRCT findings and the diagnostic accuracy of High Resolution CT in identifying Covid 19. Methodology:A retrospective and observationalstudy will be done at AcharyaVinobaBhave Rural Hospital(AVBRH), Sawangi, involving350 patients who present with clinical symptoms of COVID19 and patients with RT-PCR COVID19 test positive for HRCT thorax. All the patients will beevaluated for the cause based on parameters like presenting symptoms, duration and changes in HRCT thorax like distribution, location, pattern, shape, density and concomitant signs. These dimensions would be compared to evaluate the sensitivity of HRCT thorax in comparison to RT-PCR test for COVID19. Results: After appropriate statistical analysis, we expect to find the classical HRCT finding in a RT-PCR positive for COVID 19 patients and asses the susceptibility of HRCT as a diagnostic tool. Conclusion: In this observational study, we expect to precisely understand the lung parenchymal changes in the patients positive of RT-PCR for COVID 19 with the help of HRCT thorax.




Volume 14 No 2 (2022): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education


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