Volume 12 No 2 (2020): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education

Effectiveness of Teaching by SWOM Strategy in Achievement and Retention of Second Intermediate-Grade Students in Science

Hanan Nassir Hussein, Firas Ayal Mater

DOI: 10.9756/INT-JECSE/V12I2.201053

Keywords: Achievement, SWOM Strategy, Retention, Teaching.


This research-aims to investigate (the effectiveness of teaching SWOM strategy in achievement and second-graders intermediate students retention in the sciences subject) The experimental design (with-partial-control) was chosen for two equivalent groups, experimental and control, the sample was randomly selected-from-students (Hittin intermediate school( for girls in Thi-Qar Governorate), the groups were equivalent in-variables (Age calculated in months – female students’ achievement in-science for the first-grade (previous-year) –previous information testin science- subject – intelligence test (Raven), behavioral objectives in cognitive domain were set reached (100) behavioral objectives, the necessary teaching plans were prepared for two research. The research tools, the researcher prepared a test comprises (40) MC items with four alternatives. Validity, reliability, discrimination-coefficient, difficulty-and-alternatives effectiveness were calculated. At the end of second semester (2018-2019),the experiment was applied. After the experiment was completed, the achievement test was applied on two research groups. Then, the same achievement test was applied again after a two weeks period-from first application to check information retention, and for processing statistical data, the statistical methods were used (t-test for two independent samples, difficulty-equations, items-discrimination, wrong alternatives-effectiveness and Pearson-correlation-equation), the-research was reached the results: There is a statistical significant difference at the significance level (0.05) between second grade students means scores who study science subject according-to the SWOM strategy and the second-grade students mean-scores who study the-same subject by traditional method in achievement and retention test in favor of the experimental group, depend on the results, several conclusions were formulated, conclusions and recommendations-were reached, to complete th- research, several studies-were proposed.




Volume 12 No 2 (2020): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education


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